I/O Systems

When it comes to an intelligent and reliable data transmission, a flexible and cost-effective I/O system is essential. The choice of an appropriate I/O module depends on the nature of the application as well as on your specific requirements.

Ranging from passive distribution boxes, fieldbus and modular I/O systems to high performance fieldbus-independent modules, the Lumberg Automation I/O systems portfolio offers a broad variety of solutions to meet your individual needs.

Lion Multiprotocol

Ethernet I/O-Modules

LioN-Power Series

Digital I/O-Modules with Multiprotocol technology

Lion IO

IO-Link Masters and Devices

LioN-Power Series

Multiprotocol IO-Link master and I/O hubs

Lion DCU

Distributed Control Units

LioN-Power Series

LioN-P DCU1 combines the advantages of a field level I/O module with those of a PLC in a single device


Fieldbus I/O Modules

LioN-S, -M, -R und Classic Series

Active, stand-alone IP67 fieldbus modules for CANopen, DeviceNet, INTERBUS, PROFIBUS and ASI


Modular I/O Systems

LioN Link Series

Modular, dezentralized IP67 I/O System for field level applications


Passive Distributors

ASB Series

Modular, dezentralized IP67 I/O System for field level applications

Short Form Catalog Power

Power Connector Short Form

Discover our entire Power Connector portfolio: The new ICOS Short Form catalog has been released.

LioN-Power I/O Modules


Connect more field devices in a daisy-chain with the industry’s only I/O module powerful enough to support 2 x 16 amps.