Connectors and Cables (Actuators, sensors and distributors)


Wire up easily and reliably with Lumberg Automation™ connectors and ready made connection cables.


M8-, M12-, M23-, 7/8" Connectors, Valve Connectors

Lumberg Automation™ circular connectors with M8, M12, 7/8" and M23 threads as well as type A, B and C plugs for compact pressure switches and valves. All of the connectors and cables are very mechanically and chemically robust. Overmolded connectors offer particular good protection from moisture and dirt.

Double Ended Cordsets

Cordsets, double-ended, for actuators, sensors and distribution boxes

Numerous cordsets with molded connectors on both ends are available for the comfortable connection of actuators and sensors to active or passive distributing boxes. Those assemblies comprise circular connectors with M8, combined FIXCON/M12 and M23 threads as well as rugged and compact pressure switches and valve connectors (shapes A, B and C). All lines are characterised by a very high mechanical and chemical stability.


T-connectors (Splitters) / Adaptors

Efficient and flexible wiring with Lumberg Automation™ 2-way distributors for actuator/sensor boxes and the bus connection / power supply of the fieldbus systems Profibus, DeviceNet/CANopen and Interbus. Use splitters to double a port or when space is tight but a high number of I/O points are required.



Here you can find accessories like dust covers, panel nuts and labels for Lumberg Automation fieldbus components and actuator/sensor distributors as well as tools like stripping tools, installation and torque wrenches.

M12 Circular Connectors according to IEC 61076-2-101

M12 circular connectors have established themselves as a standard in the area of field cabling. Lumberg Automation™ offers a continuous range of M12 connectors and cordsets for the wiring of your machines and plants.

Protective shield for high-speed networks


The new Gigabit Ethernet connector from Lumberg Automation™ ensures reliable data transmission thanks to special shielding

Fault-free processing of analog signals


The new M12 receptacle connectors from Lumberg Automation™ provide a high level of functional reliability thanks to continuous shielding

Shielded connectors with fire protection rating Hazard Level 2


The new shielded M12 railway connectors from Lumberg Automation™ offer maximum safety

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