Translucent connectors

The new M8 and M12 connector generation.

New M8 connectors

The new M8 actuator/sensor connectors with molded cable score highly beside the new translucent design with further improvements to details. An optimized insert and the metal screw thread have special contours to ensure optimal networking and the best possible anti-twist protection and thus significantly increase the possible withdrawal forces.
All cordsets with threaded joint are rated IP 67, cordsets with snap-in joint are rated IP 65.The existing article numbers and descriptions (e.g. RSMV 3-06/…M) will remain unchanged.

M 12 connectors

In addition, all of our M12 connectors with standard coding will also be changed over into the new translucent moulding. Therefore, all sensor connectors will get an unitary design. Of course the known good technical quality characteristics of our M12 connectors will remain unchanged! Get an overview of all changed Cordsets both single and double-ended. If you have any questions concerning this matter, please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of the sales team, who will be at your service.