Advantages of the LioN-Link System

Universal I/O Functionality

No matter what the final design of your field wiring may be, a single I/O module is all you need to realize a whole range of different configurations. Each signal pin can be used as both an input and an output – without any additional configuration.

This gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to planning, making changes during commissioning and when retrofitting at a later date.

Close to a Process


All LioN-Link modules are compliant with the IP 67 protection standard and are vibration and shock proof, which means that they can be used close to the process directly at field level. Thanks to an innovative technological development, the complete production process can be carried out without encapsulation, making LioN-Link modules ideal for use in the smallest handling robots due to their low weight.

Quick, Fast and Easy Installation

LioN-Link Montage

Thanks to the staggered arrangement of the ports and the optimization of the distance between the ports, it is easy to screw on both molded and field attachable connectors. The LioN-Link modules are designed for both rear and lateral installation and can even be attached directly to profile rails.

All Advantages at a Glance

  • two lines per BusHead:
  • 15 devices per line
  • 100 m extension per line
  • Unlimited distance between two devices up to maximum extension
  • Cycle time approx. 2 ms
  • No terminators
  • Wiring with standard components:
    - Reduced variety of part types and costs
    - Easy purchasing worldwide (manufacturer independent)
  • Input modules are supplied using the LioN-Link, no additional connection cable required
  • Plug and play commissioning without special utilities
  • Diagnostics for periphery faults and bus errors
  • Visual differentiation of connections by means of color coding
  • Low weight, ideal for small handling robots
  • No module addressing and no terminator required
  • Universal modules are configuration free
  • Supply of safety critical actuators can take place decentrally in the field, no individual wiring
  • Expansion of the PROFIBUS network WITHOUT repeaters and retaining the max. baud rate
  • Color Coding

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