Sensor/Actuator Connectors

When it comes to reliable connections between sensors/actuators within your factory or machinery automation setup, you can rely on our extensive portfolio. You’ll find just what you need, including M8 and M12 connectors and cordsets – the industry-proven market standard for decades.

Flexible and robust design, as well as a remarkably large number of standard and special options, makes sensor/actuator connectors from Lumberg Automation suitable for a wide variety of applications and markets. Just ask about our expertise in industries like food and beverage, transportation, automotive or material handling.

SensorAktor M8

M8 Circular Connectors

Slim and powerful - M8 connection technology thread for industrial automation

SensorAktor M12

M12 Circular Connectors

Proven for decades - M12 circular connectors for fabric and machinery automation

Wash-Down Connectors

Teaser Wash-Down

Reliability even in extremely challeging environmental surroundings

M8 5-pole B-coded Cordsets


Extended power range and reliable connections