LioN-Power I/O System from Lumberg Automation

Versatile automation solutions to meet the growing networking needs of Industry 4.0 applications

Enhancements to the LioN-Power family allow fieldbus-independent and distributed control units to merge into one solution. The updates and additions bring added flexibility through universal digital I/O modules, as well as holistic solutions through new IO-Link system devices.

Newest addition: 16DIO and 10DI 6DO IO-Link I/O-Hubs


The I/O-Link System from Lumberg Automation

The upgraded LioN-Power Multiprotocol I/O Modules take fieldbus-independent automation capabilities to the next level. The addition of 16 universal digital input/output (16DIO) channels, paired with cross-protocol functionality spanning PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT, make them the most versatile I/O modules on the market. Unique “Flex-Bit Technology” also makes connecting legacy machines with different bitmaps incredibly simple:

Lion Multiprotocol

LioN-Power I/O-Modules

Digital I/O-Modules with Multiprotocol technology

Lumberg Automation’s IO-Link System has expanded with the new LioN-Power IO-Link Hub with 16 digital inputs. Now, IO-Link devices, masters and hubs can be easily connected to efficiency process up to 132 I/O signals per system. With this solution, it makes financial and economic sense to upgrade from passive to active systems, or for distributed environments to collect many digital signals. Integration and configuration of IO-Link devices is also made effortless through the TMG IO-Link Device Tool:

Lion IO

LioN-Power IO-Link System

Multiprotocol IO-Link Master and E/A-Hubs

The LioN-Power DCU1, the first multi-protocol distributed control unit with M12 power L-coding technology, now offers a 16DIO version. With UL 61010-1 approval, the LioN-Power 16DIO DCU can couple new and existing machines to an Ethernet network across PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT protocols – quickly transforming fieldbus machines into IP-ready devices. By delivering customized performance of automation functions within a single device, the DCU1 improves overall automation security and simplifies machine transparency:

Lion DCU

LioN-Power DCU1

LioN-P DCU1 combines the advantages of a field level I/O module with those of a PLC in a single device