New LioN-Power IO-Link Masters & Hubs

Lumberg Automation is introducing two additional product lines to its comprehensive LioN-Power IO-Link System portfolio - EEC and PX0

The EEC-capable IO-Link masters and hubs are specifically designed for low temperature operation down to -40°C. The new PX0-Line encompasses preconfigured IO-Link Hubs to reduce implementation and maintenance efforts significantly.


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LioN-Power IO-Link System - Video

IO Link Video

The LioN-Power IO-Link System video will help you to discover the product features to ensure a reliable data transmission within your networks.

Blog Posts


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New Software Available

LioN Management Suite KV

Designed to discover all I/O modules if the LioN-Power I/O Modules in a Local Area Network including a firmware upgrade function across multiple devices at the same time. The free of charge software is available in the download section of all individual LioN-Power I/O modules at or via our Helpdesk Portal.