Fault-free processing of analog signals

The new M12 receptacle connectors from Lumberg Automation™ provide a high level of functional reliability thanks to continuous shielding

The new M12 receptacle connectors can be used to connect control units to ProfiNet and Profibus networks via bus modules as well as to transmit analog data at field level. Their continuous shielding concept and versatile connection options offer a high level of functional reliability coupled with extreme flexibility, thus making it possible to create cost-effective solutions for a wide range of different automation scenarios.


The M12 receptacle connectors are available with assembled control cables or with printed contacts for PCB mounting. In the printed contact versions, the integrated shielding ensures flexible shield continuity, and the assembled connectors can be used to implement a diagnostics interface outside the switch cabinet using an Ethernet connection. This practically eliminates the disruptions resulting from installation or maintenance work.

Standardized M12 connection technology and color coding of the bus connectors enable fast contacting of the receptacle connectors, thus facilitating simple and secure installation and maintenance, or – to put it another way – a sustained increase in productivity. The robust design also facilitates reliable solutions with a long service life.

Shielded M12 receptacle connectors can be used in a variety of industries and applications. The versions with assembled control cables are particularly suitable for applications that require reliable interfaces between control equipment housed in switch cabinets and bus modules. This will be the case, for instance, in mechanical engineering, plant construction, materials handling and packaging applications. However, these receptacle connectors are also eminently suitable for local public transport applications, such as networking payment systems on buses.

Versions with print contacts for PCBs also offer a reliable solution for manufacturers of equipment such as weighing machines, because here, as in many other applications, they enable the reliable transmission of analog data even where there are strong electromagnetic fields.

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