Lumberg Automation RSCIS 4D/9 and BRSCIS 4D/9 connectors enable fast set-up of Industrial Ethernet connections

With an extended operating temperature range and approval for global certifications for industrial standards, the new field-attachable M12 connectors are designed specifically for the challenging conditions of establishing Industrial Ethernet connections in applications, such as railway and on machine.


The RSCIS 4D/9 and BRSCIS 4D/9 field attachable connectors also feature a new patented insulation-displacement technology to enable convenient set-up of EtherNet/IP and PROFINET connections, while meeting various challenging industry standards.

  • Ease of installation
    Minimal installation time is needed due to the connectors’ patented insulation-displacement connector (IDC) technology, which ensures exceptional mounting characteristics to enable a significant increase in efficiency for customers.
  • Reliability
    The shielded connectors also allow for highly reliable performance and maximum network uptime in environments where electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is required.
  • Flexibility
    Suitable for applications that require fulfillment of the highest European railway standards and pending approval for the global UL quality standard.

The RSCIS 4D/9 and BRSCIS 4D/9 connectors, while with many similar technical specifications, each offer specific features for certain applications.

  • The RSCIS 4D/9 connectors are designed specifically to meet the safety and quality needs of automotive, machine building and material handling applications, and will also carry UL’s seal of quality in the near future.
  • The BRSCIS 4D/9 connectors are proven for use in railway applications – according to Europe’s stringent DIN EN requirements for rolling stocks – where vibration and inflammability pose constant challenges to the reliability of transportation systems and safety of the people traveling.


The RSCIS 4D/9 and BRSCIS 4D/9 are M12, male field-attachable connectors – shielded and D-coded for EtherNet/IP and PROFINET applications.

The RSCIS 4D/9 connector will be certified according to UL requirements in the near future and therefor ensures safety and quality requirements for industrial control and signal distribution applications.

The BRSCIS 4D/9 connector, specifically, connects supervisional, security and media systems in trains and rolling stocks where vibration and inflammability create a challenging environmental conditions for reliable networking and connectivity.

  • Efficient establishment of EtherNet/IP and PROFINET connections
  • Patented IDC connection characteristics enhance convenience
  • Data transfer rate of up to 100 Mbit/s meeting cat5 standard
  • Meets IP67 protection rating
  • Operates at a temperature range from -40˚C to +85˚C
  • Rail-approved version (BRSCIS 4D/9) meets DIN EN 50155, DIN EN 45545-2, DIN EN 50467, DIN EN 61373
  • Pending UL-approved version (RSCIS 4D/9) available in near future
  • Color coding of the wiring retainer for easy setup
  • Works seamlessly with Belden, Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation Industrial Ethernet products

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