Lumberg Automation™ Gigabit Industrial Ethernet cord sets feature extended data interface cables for high-speed connections

Lumberg Automation’s new M12 cord sets, the BRSTS 8X-552/…M for railway applications and the RSTS 8X-478/…M for general industrial settings, feature a transfer rate of up to 10 Gbit/second. The M12 cord sets are equipped to safeguard network data and operate reliably under varying industrial conditions.


These robust x-coded M12 cord sets are a direct result of the growing use of supervisional systems featuring HD-video surveillance, high-end vision sensors, etc., requiring reliable, high-volume communication.

  • Flexibility for many industrial applications
    Meets global certification needs, including the highest European railway standards, as well as the global UL quality standard.
  • Enhanced network performance
    Designed to ensure data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbit/second.
  • Operational reliability
    Delivers reliable network functionality in environments that depend on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

To ensure industrial networks are prepared for increased data demands in the future – as volumes continue to rise – these new cord sets can reliably transmit up to 10GB of data volume per second.

  • The RSTS 8X-478/…M cord set is designed to meet the safety and quality needs of process automation, machine building and material handling applications and carries the UL’s seal of quality.
  • The BRSTS 8X-552/…M cord set is designed for use in transportation systems in rolling stocks – in accordance with Europe’s stringent DIN EN requirements – where vibration and inflammability pose constant challenges to the consistency of transportation systems, which is an absolute must for the safety of the people traveling.


The M12 cord sets provide secure network data transfer and flexibility, maximizing uptime of network activity.

The BRSTS 8X-552/...M and RSTS 8X-478/...M are available in the following configurations: M12, male, 8-pole, X-coded, 360° shielded, single- and double-ended cord sets.

The X-coded connector design safely separates the four pairs to prevent crosstalk – ensuring outstanding performance in environments depending on EMC.

The overmolded cord set design is further complimented by Belden’s twisted-pair category 7 shielded cable.

  • Data transfer rate of up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Meets IP67 protection degree rating
  • Operates at a temperature range from -40 ˚C to +85 ˚C
  • Meets IP67 protection rating
  • Rail-approved version (BRSTS 8X-552/...M) meets DIN EN 50155 (in accordance), DIN EN 45545-2, DIN EN 50467, DIN EN 61373
  • UL-approved version (RSTS 8X-478/…M)
  • 360˚ shielding connected to knurled screw
  • Works seamlessly with Belden and Hirschmann industrial Ethernet products: 0986 EMC 600, M12 receptacle 0986 EFC 651 and OCTOPUS switches, among other products

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