Get extended power range and reliable connections with the Lumberg Automation M8 5-pole B-coded cordsets

Ensure the lowest total cost for installation and maintenance with the industry’s smallest and lightest cordsets meeting high standards for Industry 4.0 environments.

Industry-proven M8 technology delivers high performance and reliable and cost-effective connectivity in both snap and screw designs to meet your quick-install and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) needs.


M8 5-pole B-coded cordsets and connectors


  • increase power transmission with a maximum of 4 amps of current and up to 60 volts, delivering 2.5 times the standard specifications for power transmission.

Easy to Install

  • ensure proper placement of connectors for trouble-free setup with the industry’s only B-coding designed according to IEC 61076-2-104 standards M8 technology makes these cordsets one-third the size of M12 cordsets, providing easy installation in places where space is tight.

Optimized for Today’s Compact and Intelligent Machines

  • maximize the number of sensors connected to a single device with the cordsets’ innovative T-splitters and deliver multiple levels of power and signal transmissions from a single device.

Designed for the IIoT, these M8 5-pole B-coded cordsets offer a robust solution to connectivity and communications requirements. The cordsets deliver greater power in a smaller, lighter size, and have both snap connections to provide fast installation and screw connections to increase protection in harsh environments.

The machine building, material handling and industrial automation industries will benefit from the product’s lightweight and streamlined design, flexible options, easy installation and extended power range. The M8 5-pole B-coded cordsets facilitate transmission of power and reliable signals via a compact interface to small electronic drives and sensors, making them an ideal solution for miniature robotics applications.


Correct polarized connection at any time.

The M8 5-pole B-coded cordsets are available in both male and female versions and deliver the highest application flexibility on the market, especially when combined with the industry’s most popular M12 technology and Lumberg Automation’s new LioN-Power system.

The product benefits at a glance:

  • Smaller size and lower weight
  • 2½ times the power transmission of standard specifications
  • Extended power range with a peak of 4A of current and 63V on two pins
  • Foolproof mountable B-coding ensures correct placement, making it impossible to mismate
  • Snap and snap/thread connection options for quick attachment and exceptional handling characteristics
  • Screw connection options provide maximum mechanical stability in harsh conditions, meeting IP69K standards for ingress protection and reducing maintenance needs
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Only one-stop-shop solution involving all necessary configurations for any type of field installation
  • Certification according to UL 2238 standard for cable assemblies and fittings for industrial control and signal distribution

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