LioN-Link ProfiNet BusHead 0940 ESL 601

Lumberg Automation™ has developed a new bus coupler with PROFINET interface for the modular, decentralized LioN-Link system.

bus coupler has an integrated switch, which allows wiring of the PROFINET network in the line structure familiar from PROFIBUS networks. There is also an integrated web server, which can be accessed via a standard TCP/IP connection. With this connection, various information can be retrieved and settings can be adjusted using a standard web browser. In addition to retrieving device information, it is also possible to set IP addresses directly.


Diagnostic data for the connected LioN-Link I/O modules is also displayed, as is status information. The integration of a monitoring function facilitates the checking of the sensors and actuators connected to the I/O modules.

This is facilitated by the graphical representation of the LioN-Link system structure in the web browser. These useful tools make the system much easier to use, particularly with regard to commissioning, installation and maintenance.