LioN-Link Wiring Concept

Easy Wiring with Standard Connectors

Thanks to the utilization of standard components you are also assured of uninterrupted procurement and individual part inventory availability . All of the connectors and cables necessary for the LioN-Link system can be acquired anywhere in the world. Standard M12 connectors are used exclusively for fieldbus and link, standard M8/M12 connectors for the coupling of the sensors and actuators and standard M12/7/8" connectors for the power supply.


  • Reduced variety of part types
  • Easy worldwide procurement

LioN-Link connection with M12 standard connectors such as:


CAN/DeviceNet Thin Cables or...

LioN-Link Standardleitung

Standard Actuator/Sensor Cordsets, Single and Double ended or...


Field Attachable M12 Connectors

Color Coding


Thanks to the color coding of the individual plug connections, the function of the plug-in position can be recognized directly at first glance (fieldbus, link, power supply or I/O).
This allows you to quickly attach the connection cable you need .

Purple Profibus Bus Connection
Black CANopen Bus Connection
Green ProfiNet
Orange LioN-Link Connection
Grey Power supply connection

LioN-Link Wiring, Ideal for Large I/O Expansion

LioN-Link Verdrahtung

The LioN-Link system consists of bus coupler modules which provide the connection between the entire fieldbus system and the fieldbus independent I/O modules. Based on a BusHead, the I/O module is distributed decentrally to the field via two lines.