New I/O module for safety applications

Belden adds a new I/O module to Lumberg Automation™ LioN-Link decentralized I/O fieldbus system for safety applications

The new Lumberg Automation™ I/O module (0942 UEM 612), which meets the requirements of protection class IP67, allows safety-related outputs to be switched off directly in the field without the need for an additional terminal box.

Moreover, installing these modules saves users even more time and money, because – unlike comparable I/O systems – they are wired up using only standard products. This makes it possible to implement cost-effective safety solutions that can be used, for example, in mechanical engineering applications or in the assembly and handling sector.


Depending on the selected LioN-Link bus coupler, the module can be used in Profinet, Profibus, DeviceNet or CANopen networks and has four digital M12 slots with a higher limit on the output voltage permitting 2A per line and 6A in total.

These outputs are designed for safety-related applications up to performance level D (as defined in the new Machinery Directive) making this I/O module particularly suitable for safe control of actuators or – following a complete switch-off of the 24V output power supply – reliable emergency OFF functions.


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